How Did Hard Rock Casinos & Cafes Become a Worldwide Brand?

From rock enthusiasts in a small London pub to a worldwide empire of exclusive restaurants, hotels and casinos, the famous brand known as Hard Rock Cafe experienced a journey that can hardly be described. 

Today, Hard Rock Cafe represents much more than a bar. It has developed the entire entertainment industry and services like HRC Online Casino or Social Casino, obviously inspired by millennials. It’s true, many millennials wouldn’t understand the idea of first Rock ‘n’ Roll memorabilia, but they would explore the web in search of good gaming sites. And while they look for some useful tips in articles similar to Spela Casino Review and pages like HRC Casino, perhaps they can catch some good stories to read about how it all began.

The Origin of Hard Rock Cafe

The first Hard Rock Cafe opened its doors in 1971 at Old Park Lane in London. Founded by two Americans, Peter Morton and Issak Tigrett, it was initially imagined as a regular pub — what it was for the first couple of years. 

Yet, due to enormous love for Rock ‘n’ Roll music of both owners, this regular cafe slowly became a place for rock-and-roll memorabilia. They started collecting many valuable items from the rock and roll world, like rare photos with autographs, famous guitars and authentic costumes of most popular rock stars. It became an actual shrine of rock music and a museum with thousands of unique items. Many rock artists were even regular customers of this pub. It was the right time to become a worldwide known place. 

How Did HRC Restaurants, Hotels and Casinos Become a Worldwide Brand?

Due to the high popularity of UK locations, owners decided to expand the chain on the international level in 1982. The first restaurants were opened in Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, and Berlin.

In years to come, the American franchise has held restaurants of varying capacities. Still, that part of the Las Vegas-related business has definitely influenced the most the development of the Hard Rock brand.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 

In 1995, one of the original owners, Peter Morton, opened one of the most famous hotels and casinos in the world — Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. These days, HRC casino is considered to be one of the most profitable casinos in history.

HRC Today

In 2007, the Seminole Tribe of Florida bought the Hard Rock Cafe International brand and became the owner of venues in 76 different countries, including 221 theme restaurants, 31 hotels and 12 casinos.

In addition to luxury hotels and casinos where people spend millions every day on blackjack, baccarat and poker, the Tribe preserved much of the original Hard Rock Cafe idea. 

The company is the world’s largest collector of Rock and Roll memorabilia, with over 80 thousand unique exhibits. In a period between 2003 and 2004, all the items were exposed at Hard Rock ‘The Vault’ museum in Orlando. After that, everything was returned to the authentic locations around the world. Only the London Vault Museum is always open to visitors and does not charge entrance.